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Interpretation of Drucker's 1358-- management _601

(12-09-24 06:01)

Interpretation of Drucker 1358-- management definition , relationresultWhat is the Drucker 1358 ?On the management of a definition on the three tasks ;management ;management of five jobs and businesses need to set a target of 8 big fields .
These are the essence of Drucker .At present, China rapid economic development ,and management is relatively backward .As a result of the global economic integration and China world trade organization ,the challenge we face is how to quickly develop ,tens of thousands of managers and the world competitors to compete and win .
In order to actively cope with the inevitable challenge ,we must first understand the world power management mode .After several years of study ,I found :either Bill Gates or Jack Welch ,or fortune 500 strong in many managers ,are well received by a master ,he is the father of modern management - Peterderuk .
In 2000, I went to the United States from the Peter Deruk Drucker Graduate School of management .Today ,I would like to take this opportunity and Chinese managers to share the essence of Peter Deruk ,namely :Drucker 1358 .
What is Drucker ?To improve our management capabilities of any help ?At the end of the ,the answers to these questions will become part of your management thought .In 1939 Peter Deruk published his first book the end of economic man :the origins of totalitarianism ( The  ;End  ;of  ;Economic  ;Man ) ,he was only 30 years old .
In 2004, Peter Deruk is 95 years old ,he showed us his new book Drucker anthology ( The  ;Daily  ;Drucker ) .In the past 65 years, Peter Deruk has published 36 books, these books together more than 10000 pages ,this is not his Harvard Business Review , the Wall Street journal , the Atlantic monthly and other publications published various articles .
As a working relationship ,in the past few years ,I throughout the country to teach Drucker management courses ,students often ask me :Drucker has written so many books ,I have to read this one? Some students said to me ,and I in you class is to listen to you to speak to Drucker in fact ,Drucker I have ,on the bedside table ,total want to read ,but not the time .
Some students say ,Drucker multitude ,broad and profound ,you can use brief words to summarize his management thought the essence ?After years of Drucker system study and teaching ,I try to keep his thought of management integration in a frame .
The aim is to make work ,busy managers in a short time to master Drucker management thought essence, for Chinese managers in their daily work consciously practice the management thoughts of Drucker .
Management is a kind of practice, management is a practitioner .And the management practice by its perception ,therefore ,in this sense ,managers can cognitive correct management idea for the success or failure of the enterprise is essential .
Through Drucker I thought of management system ,I will be his thought of management integration in a concise management framework, the framework known as Drucker 1358 , 1 is Drucker about management of a definition ; 3 refers to Drucker puts forward management of the three major tasks ;the refers to Drucker listed in the manager work ; 8 refers to Drucker advocate enterprises need to target areas .
These are the essence of Drucker .Grasp the essence of Drucker ,from Drucker to the definition of management .As a manager, we should first understand what is management ?Management and why? Drucker said : management is defining the mission of the enterprise ,and motivating and organizing human resources to achieve this mission .
Defining the mission is the entrepreneurial task ,and motivating and organizing human resources is leadership category, the combination of the two is the management . Drucker this is the definition of management .
In this definition, Drucker made use of a key words :mission .What is the mission ?The mission that organizes the reason of existence .On the mission of the hypothesis provides the organization to what result regarded as significant ,indicating that the organization considers it to whole economy and society should make the contribution .
Now ,turn on the TV or newspaper ,every day can see Chinese enterprises in different ways do do greatly strong ,was to become the world 500 strong ,want their own businesses evergreen .
Therefore ,China enterprises because of the scale is too small ,the short term on their own long too big ,but the target of the enterprise is do do greatly strong ,into ,how to do ?Mergers and acquisitions of foreign enterprises have become the preferred choice of enterprises .
But before long ,we hear again for one reason or another ,the acquisition of foreign companies were sold ,the buying and selling of the loss of hundreds of millions of yuan less ,many billions of yuan ,shareholders suffered huge losses .
Here are two questions may be our entrepreneurs should think seriously : the first ,why enterprises exist? In order to do do greatly strong ?In order to maximize profits ? Do do greatly strong is the enterprise to set their own development target, customers have no obligation for the target makes contribution .
The enterprise should ask their correct question is :enterprise of whole economy and society should make what kind of contribution ?Why enterprises exist? Look far ahead from a high plane of the enterprise is evergreen ,because they correctly answered the question .
Collins in the evergreen mentioned in the case of Merck Co .The third world there are millions of people infected with the river blindness ,the genesis of the disease is the number of parasites in the human tissue to swimming ,finally moved to the eyes ,causing blindness .
1000000 customers are large market ,but these people are very poor ,can not afford to buy expensive medicines .Merck Co know ,developed for river blindness drugs may not have any return on investment ,still promote the project ,hope the products through the test, some government agencies or the third party will buy this medicine, distributed to patients .
But there was no body wants to buy, so the company decided to free drugs to people in need, and at their own expense ,directly involved in the distribution of work ,to ensure that the drug is delivered to the affected by this disease threatens millions of people .
Merck why push the Di good plan ?Merck Co CEO Weigiro pointed out ,if not to promote the production of the drug ,may collapse of Merck scientists morale -- because the Merck Co is engaged in clearly put forward its own preservation and improvement of life business .
Weigiro said : I 15 years ago the first time in Japan, Japanese business circles personage tells me ,is the Merck Co in the Second World War to streptomycin to introduce Japan ,destroyed the erosion of Japanese Society of pulmonary tuberculosis .
We really did it ,and did not earn a penny ,but today ,Merck is the largest American Pharmaceutical Company in Japan ,it is not accidental .( this behavior ) long-term effects are not always clear ,but I think it will be more or less in return .
Merck Co created in most later time, at the same time show the lofty ideal and practical benefits .George Merck II in 1950 to explain this contradiction : I hope ... ... Show that the company must abide by the principle of .
.. ... Briefly speaking ,we should always bear in mind :medicine is to save lives ,not to make money .But the profits will follow .If we remember this, should never be without profit .We remember more clearly ,the greater the profit .
On the 100 anniversary of the establishment of the Merck Co published a book ,called values and vision: the hundred years ,it is emphasized that in 100 years, Merck in values and vision guided go to today .
So ,the mission ,vision and values instead of hanging out in the enterprise a wall decoration ,but the starting point and foothold of enterprise decision .Maybe someone will say ,pharmaceutical companies should do ,it and enterprise about the nature .
Let us listen to Hewlett-Packard Co founder David Pkade ( David  ;Packard ) is how to say : why should we do ?I think many people mistakenly think that ,office of the company is to make money .
Although money is one of the important results, but if deeper study ,we will come to the conclusion ,that a number of people come together ,and with the company form, in order to achieve the power of individuals alone cannot achieve ,namely the society make contribution -- this sentence sounds a bit is not fresh, but vital .
Pay attention to the surrounding business circles ,you will find that some people only interested in the money on other things ,be indifferent to ,but for most people in the pursuit of profit ,hidden behind the actual power is a must do something about it desires ,such as to produce a product or provide a service to make a long story short ,is to do something worthwhile .
Therefore ,let us remember this on the basis of discussing the reasons for the existence of HP why .Our true purpose is to provide the public with a unique ,useful things ,to make contributions to the society .
In enterprise management,Uggs Nederland online, people often use the mission ,vision ,the values of these three words ,but very few people can say what they are, their distinction and connection in where .Mission is to organize the existence reason, is the purpose of the organization .
It provides us the direction ,rather than the specific work .Mission ,aim and purpose are synonyms .Future vision is created by drawing, answer organization of what would become problem ,is the real target .
On the values of our pursuit of the mission in the process of lifestyle ,replied how organizations act is the touchstone of organizational decision making .Mission ,vision and values between the contact can be summed up as: the mission is the root of all the mission ,vision into a truly meaningful results expected values is ,in what way and action to realize the true meaning of the expected results .
Each enterprise all without exception to shout integrity ,but what is faith ?The United States Ge Corp Immelt processing refrigerator compressor approach is the best interpretation of the faith .
Immelt is in charge of general electric appliances division ,refrigerator and found to have quality problems, leakage of Freon compressor ,there have already been 1000000 such refrigerator market .
If the recall 1000000 refrigerators ,will enable the general electric losses of $600000000 .If you do not recall ,consumers will not know compressor have quality problems ,but the 1000000 refrigerator compressor leakage of Freon will have a negative impact on the environment :the destruction of the ozone layer .
Based on the integrity faith ,Immelt thinks should still recall this 1000000 refrigerators ,he asked Jack Welch approved the decision .Jack Welch asked a series of questions .In the face of person bullet Jack Welch questioning, Immelt is very nervous ,back of shirt is wet .
Jack Welch finally said ,now that you think is right to do so ,so be it .The person often says fair trade ,but what is fair trade ?Have a look how old British Baker practice : we all know a hit 12 ,but little is known about the UK beat is the 13 .

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